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11 March 2017

Fight Planned For Sept 2017 - Floyd Mayweather Jr and Connor McGregor

Latest News on the ongoing saga...

LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire, has claimed that he has been in close dialogue with boxer Michael Conlon, who is a close friend of McGregor, and said it's confirmed that both men will go ahead with the bout in September 2017. The fight is likely to be the highest paid in combat sports history.

New signings for Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors Announce New Signings

The promotion have announced that they have aquired 12 more fighters to add to the camp. Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan says he is delighted to welcome this exciting new crop of fighters to the Cage Warriors family

The new crop includes 6 new lightweight additions:

Donavan Desmae (9-3)

Soren Bak (7-1) 

Perry Goodwin (6-4)

Aleksi Mantykivi (10-4)

Ellis Hampson (6-3-1) 

Alexander Jacobson (7-1)

Joining them will be:

Gavin Kelly (8-3) bantamweight

Brian Bouand (5-1) bantamweight

Dylan McLoughlin (3-0) welerweight

Norman Paraisy (15-4-2, 1nc) light heavyweight

Shawn Kenny (2-0) heavyweight

Boyland added "we're a handful of events into our biggest year ever, and bringing these talented fighters in to our roster gives our match maker Ian Dean even more options as we look to deliver exciting fights and spectacular events for our fans."

10 March 2017

Floyd Maymeather calls Conor McGregor a PUNK BITCH !!

Mayweather talking to Fighthype

Mayweather tells McGregor "sign the paper" as he grows frustrated with the Irish MMA fighter. He went on to say "there's a lot of barking and no biting. When you talk about biting, sign the contract. Don't talk sh**t, if you really want to fight sign the contract and we can make it happen.Mayweather added "so just letting the world know he's full of s**t.Mayweather then sent a message to the UFC fighter and stated "stop blowing smoke up peoples a***s you little bitch, if you want to fight lets make it happen you punk." We await Connor McGregors reply.

Dana White is clear he is not keen on the idea just yet and hasn't given in to all the hype with both fighters publicly bickering about a fight contract there is no sign of a UFC agreement anytime soon.

Read more>>

09 March 2017

INVICTA 22 - Official Line Up

   Invicta 22 

   At The Scottish Rite Temple, 
   Kansas City, Missouri.

   25th March 2017

Vitor Belfort UFC Fight Night 106 Open Workout

Vitor Belfort publicly showing off some of his Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and boxing kills before this weekends UFC Fight Night 106 Event against Kelvin Gastelum

08 March 2017

Ugly scenes at Liverpool MMA & Boxing event

Shocking footage emerges of crowd violence at UK MMA Event.

Crowd violence erupted at last Saturday's MMA & Boxing event at The Great Georges Cultural Community Project, otherwise known as The Black E in Liverpool on March 4th 2017.

After an apparent dispute over the use of elbows during the preceding fight, footage shows the two fighters in the ring before other individuals entered the ring through the ropes and appeared to have struck one of the fighters. Missiles were then thrown in the ring towards the growing brawl that spilled outside and the scenes grew even more ugly as spectators clashed outside with kicks and punches thrown. One male appeared to be knocked out cold on the floor whilst another then decides to hurl a chair at him taking full advantage of the motionless man..

Two people were taken to hospital but were not seriously injured reported The Liverpool Echo. Merseyside Police said that more than 20 people were involved in the violence that took place outside.

In the statement released on behalf of the venue it was said "The Mangement of The Black - E (Great Georges Cultural Community Project) deeply regrets the brawl that took place on Saturday evening towards the end of the event"

Police have now urged the local council officials to urgently review the venues licence after raising concerns that the China Town premises 'are associated with serious crime and disorder.'

Ben Rothwell flagged by USADA

UFC heavyweight fighter has been flagged by the USDA for potential doping violation

The UFC have released a statement detailing that USADA (United States. Anti- Doping Agency) had notified Rothwell of a potential Anti Doping Violation from a out of competition sample collected on Feb 6th 2017. 

The UFC stated  "The results will be handled by the independent administrator of the UFC and under UFC anti- doping policy there is a full fair legal review process afforded to all athletes before sanctions are imposed"

However, Rothwell has spoken out confidently regarding the collected sample on his Facebook page and said "I have been under the care of a physician to overcome a medical illness. I would appreciate the chance to show that I have not cheated nor did I intend to cheat. Please hold your opinions of me until all the facts are out. I appreciate everyone's support whilst I go through this process with the USADA."

Big Ben is currently holding a 36-10 MMA record and was due to face Fabricio Werdum at UFC 211 on May 13th 2017 in Dallas, Texas. 

The Bisping & St-Pierre Saga Continues

The Bisping - St Pierre Saga continues

After Michael Bispings late entry and verbal attack at their UFC press conference on 3rd March 2017, Georges St Pierre gives his opinion on Bispings failed attempt to get inside his head.

"I don't consider Bisping a good trash talker, I think he is horrendous." He told the UFC Unfiltered podcast with Jim Norton and Matt Serra.  "I think he is terrible. He's not even a good trash talker, he's doing the best thing for me.The more he talk the more he embarrasses himself. I don't really care. Some guys like Connor McGregor or Chael Sonnen, I would never get in to a war of words with them because they are just so good. But Michael Bisping thinks he is good but he's terrible. The more he opens his mouth the more he embarrasses himself and that's a good thing for me."

Following St Pierres long break from the octagon since UFC 167 in Noverber 2013 where he sucessfully defended his title against Johny Hendricks, Georges was unsure if he would ever return to fighting but he went on to say. "I always wanted to come back, it was in the back of head."

Michael Bisping had burst in to the conference late with what would of otherwise been considered a well rehearsed act- had he not messed his lines up. Trash talking is definately not one of Bispings strong points.

Watch the Press conference link below: from 3rd March 2017
Press Conference -BISPING & ST-PIERRE

06 March 2017

UFC Fight Night 106 - Fortaleza Brazil 11th March 2017

UFC Fight Night 106

Centro de Formacao Olimpica do Nordeste 
11th March 2017

Official Fight Card:

Vitor Belfont v Kelvin Gastelum (middleweight)

Mauricio Rua v Gian Villante (light heavyweight)

Edson Barboza v Beneil Dariush (lightweight)

Jussier Formiga v Ray Borg (flyweight)

Bethe Correia v Marion Reneau (Bantamweight)

Alex Oliveira v Tim Means (welterweight)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Francisco Trinaldo v Kevin Lee (lightweight)

Godofreda Pepey v Kyle Bochniak (featherweight) -CANCELLED

Sergio Moraes v Davi Ramos (welterweight)

Michael Prazeres v Josh Burkman (lightweight)

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Rony Jason v Jeremy Kennedy (featherweight)

Rani Yahya v Joe Soto (bantamweight)

Garreth Mc Lellan v Paulo Henrique Costa (middleweight)

UFC Fight Night 106 Results:

What is the best way to judge hydration before training? H2O...

                                Probably the 'only' reliable test

H2O - Stay Hydrated !

1> Sip on water, do not gulp it down, you will get a painful stitch in your kidney from the pockets of air created between each greedy gulp!

2> Wait until you need to pee.

3> Check colour of pee!

This is your guide -

If it's yellow you are not hydrated, so wait ! 

Keep 'sipping' water until it is crystal clear.

If crystal clear, do some gentle breathing exercises for a few minutes before starting your warm up routine.

You are now ready to rock.....

Get it right and have a good fight !!!

Take note: 
Your calculations may differ and slightly mislead you if you do this test after you have taken any vitamin supplents. It would be wiser then to test your hydration levels beforehand to be sure your hydration levels are sufficient. Afterall, the better hydrated you are, the more your body can utilise its resources, keeping it all simple!

H20 = Stay hydrated ! 

Fighting Fit Running - Gain Speed & Leg Strength Without Equipment (updated 2017)

Interval training

Interval training is a good way of gaining speed and leg strength without having to use weight training equipment. A proper interval workout will mess you right up! Aimed towards beginner to intermediate level. This is how it works..

You train hard, then recover just enough again to repeat the exercise over and over again during a relatively short period of time. It is better to use a running track for this but a sports field is equally as good  or even the tree to tree/ lamp post to lamp post method. This type of adjustment from your normal running routine will add to your explosive power when you need it the most. Add it to your fitness bank.

Stretch and warm up before you train as always
For the first interval session try running 8 x 100 metres. This means you will be sprinting for exactly 100 metres 8 times with a measured set period between each sprint.
On a running track divide it in 4
Sports pitch measure 100 metres
On a road or path select two objects 100 metres apart, tree, lamp post, pub (but don't go in) what ever you choose get the distance right.

Start by sprinting 100 metres
Jog the next 100 metres taking no longer than 60 seconds
Sprint the next 100 metres
Jog the next 100 metres taking no longer than 60 seconds
And so on and so on.......

Then warm down and stretch

As time goes on you can extend the distance of the sprint and adjust the jogging time to match.
Sprint for 125 metres then jog for 125 metres in 75 seconds.
Sprint for 150 metres then jog for 90 seconds.
And build up as you go.
On interval training as you build up keep a maximum of 120 seconds jogging.

05 March 2017

Karl Moore post fight interview at Cage Warriors 81

GET FIGHTING FIT (UPDATED 2017) Beginner To Intermediate Level Guide.


Running is one most neglected of all training routines but can be one of the most effective. Often overlooked, but a true aspiring fighter should not neglect one of the most important exercises for cardio vascular conditioning.

Since the 1970's when the fitness boom began, running has become a premier activity for aspiring fighters everywhere though it's easy to get confused as to how it should fit in to your routine. 

Below is a basic guide to combat that issue without over training and subtracting all your hard work. This article is aimed at beginners who wish to incorporate running as part of their Martial Arts Fitness routine or those that just want to improve their overall fitness levels in general so is aimed towards the beginner to intermediate level. 


Running is a straight forward aerobic exercise and is normally the back bone of all sports that require a high level of cardiovascular fitness strength to stay in the top flight. As you pound along you raise your heart rate, increase your oxygen intake and heighten the flow of blood to the parts of your body being used. As you increase your heart rate using the energy stored in your body it draws upon your reserves of fat which is why you lose weight!! You should be running hard enough to to get your heart rate into the aerobic training range (between 65% and 75% of your maximum) for at least 20 mins at least three times a week.


Your posture should be upright but relaxed, perhaps leaning forward slightly because if you lean to far back this will have a braking effect on your movements.

Arm Action:

Arm action is nearly as important as how you use your legs. When you run your arms should stay relaxed and they should stay between your waist line and chest.  Do not let them swing to loosely or you will lose forward momentum. The same thing will happen if your arms are to rigid.


The Most comfortable and efficient footstike for the average runner is 'heel-ball'. This means your foot hits the ground with the outside edge of your heel, pivot through your foot and take off from the ball of your foot. Slapping along on your feet will cause you injuries especially in the knees.

The Short Fast Run:

A maximum of two per week for at least 20-25 minutes.The pace should be fast at about 6 minutes per mile and if you train with a partner you shouldn't be able to talk to him or her. Don't get up to full pace for 5 or 6 minutes first or you could go into oxygen dept and 'tie up'. Once you have your pace, time your run from there. So 5 or 6 minutes to warm up then 20-25 minutes of fast running.

The Basic Run:

A standard run should last up to 45 minutes at a comfortable pace. You should be able to talk with your training partner at this pace though don't expect to hold  a symposium on Aristotelian metaphysics! Average a pace of 7 minutes per mile and adjust accordingly to take on a few gentle hills.

The Endurance Builder:

This is 90 minutes of slow gentle jogging at a pace where you can hold a comfortable conversation with your training partner. You might want to include this once a fortnight to your routine and maybe to once a week as you get fitter. Although it's slow you will certainly feel it afterwards.


Don't get hung up on distance. Run for time because as the weeks go on and you get fitter you will be covering more distance in the same amount of time. If you run 3 miles in 25 minutes as the weeks go on your time will better itself and you could find yourself completing that distance in 21 minutes thus, knocking off 4 minutes quality training time from your routine!! So you have to adjust according

Alistair Overeem talks UFC 209 with Dana White

Post fight conference with Alistair Overeem and Dana White

Cage Warriors 81 RESULTS 4th MARCH 2017

                                          Results from the 3Arena Dublin 


Karl More bt Josh Clarke (Cage Warriors Light Heavyweight Title) by unaminous decision

Cathrine Costigan bt Wendy Mc Kenna (atomweight bout) by split Decision

Arnold Quero bt Joe Mc Colgan by split decision (lightweight bout)

Blaine O' Driscoll bt Darren O Gorman by (bantamweight bout) by KO round 2

Hakon Foss bt Martyn Harris (Welterweight bout) by rear naked choke round  1

Eric Nolan (pro debut) bt Marcin Zembala (pro debut) - (catchweight bout) by unamionous decision

Maciej Gierszweski bt Romain Bidet by TKO round 1


Pawel Politylo bt Alex Yankov (featherweight bout) by unanimous decision

Mark Gallivan bt Makinde Adeyemi (welterweight bout) by submission triangle choke round 2

Stephen Treacy bt Francis Treacy (lightweight bout) by TKO round 1

Austin Lynch bt Alex Brophy (bantamweight bout) by TKO round 1

Mateusz Kopyto bt Colm O Regan (catchweight bout) by unanimous decision

Ivan Blaniti v Gary Coffey (welterweight bout)

Adam Darby bt Leon Hill by (lightweight) unanimous decision

Cage Warriors Academy Results 4th March 2017

Results from The Newport Centre, Wales Centre, Wales 


Arron Khalid bt Phil Wells by submission guillotine (welterweight)

Jack Shore bt Alexandros Gerolimatos by submission rear naked choke (featherweight)

Richard Williams bt Gracjan Bak by TKO round 1 (lightweight)

Damo Weeden bt Joe Orrey by rear naked choke round 1 (bantamweight)

Josh Ellis bt Daniel Hodor by submission rear naked choke  round 2 (lightweight)

Ethan Charlesworth bt Nathan Ford by submission triangle round 1 (featherweight)


Josh Hudson bt Jack Tucker by unaminous decision (welterweight)

Michael Corson bt Christopher Radcliffe by unaminious decision (catchweight)

Pedro Cordosa bt Tom Karpinski unaminous decision (featherweight)

Rob Bennett bt Marcus Stevens by split decision (lightweight)

James Amos bt Sami Hashim by unaminous decision (lightweight)

Christian Duncan bt James McClean by TKO round 1(middleweight)

Chris Smith bt Keiron Bennet by submission rear naked choke round 2 (wetherweight)

Oban Elliot bt Callum Hanman by TKO head kick round 1 (catchweight)

Ben Ellis bt Franco Tenaglia by TKO round 3 (lightweight)

Jamie Boyle bt Ragine White by submission arm triangle round 2 (light heavyweight)

Alun Yhnell bt Karl Reading by TKO round 1 (lightweight)

Joel Collins bt Chris Mardon by split decision (catchweight)


Main Card Results:

Stephen Woodley bt Thompson by majority decision

Danny Teymur v Lando Vannata Teymur bt Vannata by unanimous decision

Daniel Kelly bt Rashad Evans by split decision

Cynthia Calvillo bt  Amanda Cooper by submission rear naked choke (RNC)

Mark Hunt v Alistair Overeem bt Mark Hunt by TKO round 3

Undercard results

Luis Henrique bt Marcin Tybura bt Henrique by TKO round 3

Mirsad Bektic Darren Elkins bt Mirsad Bektic by TKO round 3

Luri Alcantra  bt  Luke Sanders by submission kneebar

Mark Godbeer bt Daniel Spitz by unanimous decisio

Tyson Pedro bt Paul Craig by TKO round 1

Albert Morales bt Andre Soukhamthath by split decision (29-28,  28-29,  29-28,)

Khabib Nurmagomedov v Tony Ferguson called of due to doctors orders