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04 April 2017

Stabbing at Cage Warriors 82

Man stabbed at MMA event in Liverpool

The Echo Arena Liverpool
One man was stabbed another had his jaw broken after leaving the event on Saturday 1st April 2017. Police said that the attack on the two men happened following a man arguing with the two victims earlier in the evening. They had left The Echo Arena in Liverpool with friends and were walking across Kings Dock at about 11:30 pm and when the man they had been arguing earlier at the event with attacked them. A 20 year old man was stabbed and a 47 year old man suffered a broken jaw. They were both treated for their injuries at Aintree Hospital as reported by The Liverpool Echo.

Lack of Police presense

Locals complained about a lack of Police presence on the night as there had been a local football derby the same day and with both events, the area was much busier than normal and that there was also an aggressive atmosphere. Merseyside Police issed a statement disputing inadequate Policing.

The attack followed a mass brawl last month at another MMA event in Liverpool staged at The Great Georges Cultural Community Project, The Black E on March 4th 2017 when after a dispute about the use of elbows during a bout, a ring invasion proceeded and fighting broke out amongst the two corners and spectators. Bottles and chairs was used as missiles as the fighting spread which continued outside the event and two people were taken to hospital but are still refusing to co-operate with the Police