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05 April 2017

Latest on Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

Connor McGregor now concentrating on Boxing training

McGregor v Mayweather Jr
Connor McGregors coach John Kavanagh has told FOX Sports that McGregor is now preparing to concentrate solely on boxing training and is ready to give up MMA training to prepare for a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. He said "In my my mind it's on, that's the mentality we are in." He also went on to say "there's a lot of fingers in the pie on this one, different promotions, different organisations, different comissions that are involved but as far as I'm concerned, I really believe it's going to happen this year. So far though, no contracts have been signed, and no date has been announced though Dana White, who wasn't so keen on the idea to begin with recently said, "I just don't see how it doesn't happen."

The new training routine

Kavanagh was asked about the type of training McGregor was doing and he replied "It's simpler than his normal routine but not necessarily easier, it's different, different energy systems involved, so we can cut the grappling training we would have to do, like I said, simpler, but not easier. Boxing is one of the 10 skills needed for MMA but now we are only doing boxing"

McGregor said last month that the target date for the bout is September this year. The bout will probably be the biggest ever in combat sports history if it goes ahead, which is looking more and more likely as time goes on.

Last month Floyd Mayweather became irate and was passing the blame of the delay on this to the other camp and demanded publicly that McGregor 'sign the paper' calling him a "punk" and "b**ch" and stated "I'm just letting the world know he is full of s**t." He also told McGregor to "stop blowing smoke up peoples a**es!" Mayweather did however remind boxing fans not to underestimate him "everytime McGregor go out there and compete and win, he'll do it standing up, he's a very tough competitor and has the will to win."

Floyd Mayweather Jr talks Connor McGregor