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06 March 2017

What is the best way to judge hydration before training? H2O...

                                Probably the 'only' reliable test

H2O - Stay Hydrated !

1> Sip on water, do not gulp it down, you will get a painful stitch in your kidney from the pockets of air created between each greedy gulp!

2> Wait until you need to pee.

3> Check colour of pee!

This is your guide -

If it's yellow you are not hydrated, so wait ! 

Keep 'sipping' water until it is crystal clear.

If crystal clear, do some gentle breathing exercises for a few minutes before starting your warm up routine.

You are now ready to rock.....

Get it right and have a good fight !!!

Take note: 
Your calculations may differ and slightly mislead you if you do this test after you have taken any vitamin supplents. It would be wiser then to test your hydration levels beforehand to be sure your hydration levels are sufficient. Afterall, the better hydrated you are, the more your body can utilise its resources, keeping it all simple!

H20 = Stay hydrated !