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15 March 2017

Vitor Belfont Announces Retirement

Vitor Belfont Speaking At The Post Fight Conference

After his defeat to Kelvin Gaselum at the UFC Fight Night 106 in Brazil on 11th March 2017 Vitor Belfont announced at his post fight press conference that he is prepapared to hang up his gloves after the last fight left on his contract. The fight is set for July.

He said "I think it's my time to finish my chapter in this as a professional fighter, I think that my body is not the same to train, It's over fourteen surgeries that I done. I'm sad to not give this win to my fans here in Brazil. It was Kelvins night, he shined." He also said he didn't want to fight another Brazilian in Brazil. "It's very sad not to give your people a win. I'll leave with my head held up high."

Belfont has plans to open is own chain of gyms. 

The Legends League Idea 

Belfont went on to say "If they create a an organisation just for the legends then I can extend it a little more. It would be great to have a division for the legends, we would be able to give more content to the fans."

Belfont expressed his idea that if the industry wanted to do a spin off for veteran fighters then it would revolutionise the sport and expressed his keeness to be part of such a divison.

Belfonts believes that many veteran fighters would be game and the plan would create more action in the octogan with possibly titles and three weight divisons, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Suggesting shorter rounds and rest periods, a maximum of thirty seconds on the ground, no knees or elbows and different weight gloves.