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19 March 2017

UFC Fighters Suspended For Cannabis Use

UFC Fighters Suspended 

Three UFC Fighters have been suspended for 90 days after testing positive for cannabis use from UFC Fight NIght 104 in Houston, Texas, the event took place on February 4th 2017

Niko Price, Curtis Blaydes and Abel Trujillo all tested positive during in-competition testing and will also face paying $1000 fine to the TDLR (Texas Department Of Licensing Regulations) it has been revealed.

Both Price and Blaydes originally won their fights but both bouts have been ruled a 'no-contest'. Price by second round knock out over Alex Morono and Blaydes by 3rd round technical knock out over Adam MIlstead. Trujillo lost his bout to James Vick by 3rd round submission but he may have smoked more than the other two.

Why no sanctions have been imposed

Although the fighters failed the drugs test they wont be facing any sanctions from the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) As stated by a USADA spokesperson Ryan Madden, the US anti-doping agency will only suspend a fighter if the tests are more than 150ng/ml of the substance's metabloites. The rule is derived from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) code. The level of cannabis in the fighters systems is not known at this time. 

Although WADA and USADA have their own specific criteria, it has nonetheless been an unusual topic of debate as it has been suggested in the past that the drug could actually prevent a fighter from being knocked out during a bout therefore, cheating. However, there has been no conclusive sceintific evidence to support this theory at this time and it unlikely that we are any time closer to any such research ever even been authorised never mind carried out and the state of Texas does not have a pass or fail threshold test on the matter as far as the substance is concerned within the sport.

What is known or sometimes not known

One thing that is a very well known fact about cannabis, marijuana, hash, skunk etc as any doctor would tell you, is that 'it can be traced in a persons system for several months or even longer after use has stopped' and that is depending on the level of use as well as how regular the use was. 

What seems a popular and otherwise innocent looking weed, often referred to as a 'beneficial herb' by certain lobby groups is still widely frowned upon outside what seems marijuana's often magnetic reach yet, it's not really too dificult to detect in our systems in this day and age, and some people ought to know better as the fighters in question would of course now agree and appreciate. 

There is a moral to this story folks - 'if in doubt, stay off the weed!' - just in case. Take our advice and you can thank us later.