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11 March 2017

Fight Planned For Sept 2017 - Floyd Mayweather Jr and Connor McGregor

Latest News on the ongoing saga...

LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire, has claimed that he has been in close dialogue with boxer Michael Conlon, who is a close friend of McGregor, and said it's confirmed that both men will go ahead with the bout in September 2017. The fight is likely to be the highest paid in combat sports history.

Reliabilty Source Test

Conlon, has trained with McGregor in the past, will be walked out by Connor McGregor next week at his Pro Boxing debut at Maddison Square Gardens, on St Patrick's Day March 17th 2017, against fellow bantamweight Tim Ibarra. Probably as good as it's going to get right now.

However, the way this saga has been playing out, September is still a long way off and many things could change between now and then. Dana White will no doubt have something to say about this latest announcement and no official UFC statement from the UFC has been released at this time in relation. We shall see.

We still await official confirmation from both fighters so let's just call it hearsay for now, but the source seems credible.