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08 March 2017

The Bisping & St-Pierre Saga Continues

The Bisping - St Pierre Saga continues

After Michael Bispings late entry and verbal attack at their UFC press conference on 3rd March 2017, Georges St Pierre gives his opinion on Bispings failed attempt to get inside his head.

"I don't consider Bisping a good trash talker, I think he is horrendous." He told the UFC Unfiltered podcast with Jim Norton and Matt Serra.  "I think he is terrible. He's not even a good trash talker, he's doing the best thing for me.The more he talk the more he embarrasses himself. I don't really care. Some guys like Connor McGregor or Chael Sonnen, I would never get in to a war of words with them because they are just so good. But Michael Bisping thinks he is good but he's terrible. The more he opens his mouth the more he embarrasses himself and that's a good thing for me."

Following St Pierres long break from the octagon since UFC 167 in Noverber 2013 where he sucessfully defended his title against Johny Hendricks, Georges was unsure if he would ever return to fighting but he went on to say. "I always wanted to come back, it was in the back of head."

Michael Bisping had burst in to the conference late with what would of otherwise been considered a well rehearsed act- had he not messed his lines up. Trash talking is definately not one of Bispings strong points.

Watch the Press conference link below: from 3rd March 2017
Press Conference -BISPING & ST-PIERRE