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10 March 2017

Floyd Maymeather calls Conor McGregor a PUNK BITCH !!

Mayweather talking to Fighthype

Mayweather tells McGregor "sign the paper" as he grows frustrated with the Irish MMA fighter. He went on to say "there's a lot of barking and no biting. When you talk about biting, sign the contract. Don't talk sh**t, if you really want to fight sign the contract and we can make it happen.Mayweather added "so just letting the world know he's full of s**t.Mayweather then sent a message to the UFC fighter and stated "stop blowing smoke up peoples a***s you little bitch, if you want to fight lets make it happen you punk." We await Connor McGregors reply.

Dana White is clear he is not keen on the idea just yet and hasn't given in to all the hype with both fighters publicly bickering about a fight contract there is no sign of a UFC agreement anytime soon.

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