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25 March 2017

Connor McGregor's Penalty Cut.

Connor McGregors fine and community service has been drastically reduced

Connor McGregor has had his fine and community service hours drastically reduced from $150,000 (£121,000) originally 5% of his 3 million pay out for the Diaz fight to $25,000 (£20,000) by the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) McGregor arrived 30 minutes late for their pre fight press conference and the pair soon became engaged in a war of words and taunts. 

A heated affair

The conference had became so heated that bottles were used as missiles by both fighters 3 days before the UFC 202 event which was staged on August 20th 2016 The first bottle was thrown from the Diaz camp and what followed next was like a brief breakdown of law and order. A Police Officer, a young boy and members of the event and media were caught up in the disturbance. The boy claimed to have been hit on the head by one of the thrown bottles.

Community Service Hours Reduced

McGregor has also had the 50 hours community service originally imposed on him cut to 25 hours. He will invest his penalty service hours in the very just cause of anti-bullying, a noble approach that should now end the situation more positively than it begun. He will still need a boxing licence if he is to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr later this year but Bob Bennett executive director of the commission said "the settlement has nothing to with him getting one, they are two very seperate matters" McGregor, having previously contested the penalties is expected to drop any outstanding legal representations on the matter this week

So What Now Happens To Nate Diaz 

Nate Diaz however, who had been fined $50,000 2.5% of his two million pay out, had already paid up more or less straight away. Diaz should now be entitled to a reduction and get a refund. "What is fair is fair" said Anthony Marnell chairman of the NSAC, which seems a little contradictory after the first bottle had been launched from the Diaz camp and had esculated the situation destroying what was left of the fragile peace between the two sides. McGregor was subsequently penalised much heavier for retaliating in what could be claimed by many as a self defence type reaction. The commission and its legal rep have now stated in what seems a bit of a u-turn on the matter that the penalties were not in line with the fighters actions, and that they do have a refund system for the matters of fairness.