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27 February 2017

Dana White and the Connor McGregor - Floyd Mayweather saga.

Dana White is not giving in to pressure and has insisted that Connor McGregor will not be facing Floyd Mayweather in his next fight.

However, both McGregor and Mayweather insist that that they are keen to meet, in a boxing ring, that will probably be the richest prize money in the history of all combat sports.

The Dubliner, McGregor is currently taking some time out until the birth of his first child but still has four fights of his contract left with the UFC
White has angrily stated that his organisation won't just sit back and allow the big bout to happen without being involved. He said protectively, "such a move would be the stupidest in history."

Mayweather has since urged McGregor to speak to his bosses at the UFC who has previosly stubbornly stated that he will be fighting Mayweather next with or without the UFC.

No doubt the saga will be taking many twists and turns as time plays out but money speaks louder than words and that will be the ultimate decider in the end. That should also turn up a lot more heat on the situation between the three of them as the saga continues. McGregor is bound to make a scene if he doesn't get things his own way and with every action there is a reaction. White is equally as stubborn when he wants to be and won't allow himself to be dictated to on the matter.

Whatever happens we can expect plenty to come in the war of words before any such big fight night can be agreed, which doesn't look anytime closer as far as the MMA bosses are concerned.