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25 February 2011

Connecticut USA moves to sanction MMA

Legislation has now been introduced in the state of Connecticut USA. Matt Lessar recently introduced the proposal and testified before the states legislature's Public Safety Committee. The UFC vice president of government and regulatory affairs Marc Ratner also attended and spoke at a recent hearing at the state capital.

The bill would regulate the sport whilst taxing revenue. According to the proposal, five percent of an events revenue will go to the state. The bill is co-sponsored by state senator Paul Doyle and state rep Mary Mushinsky.

The next part of the process will be a vote by the Public Safety Committee which so far has not been scheduled, however this is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

Both UFC and Bellator have held events in Connecticut, UFC in 2005 and Bellator has run three events over the past two years and are scheduled to hold another on April 2nd 2011

If Connecticut pass MMA sanctioning it would leave New York, Vermount and West Virginia as the final holdouts among states with athletic commisions who do not regulate Mixed Martial Arts though all three states are now considering introducing legislation.