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28 October 2010

UFC/WEC merger.

World Extreme Cagefighting is merging with its sister organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC president Dana White has stated that the merger will happen in January 2011, which means that the UFC will now feature for the first time a 135 and 145-pound weight class. The WEC lightweight division fighters will also move over to the UFC.

"The timing was right," White said. "The reality is, we purchased the WEC, we started getting these lighter weight guys exposure on television, sending them around the country and arenas. Now, as the UFC continues to grow globally and we're doing more and more fights, now it makes sense to bring in those lighter weight classes."
"We're going to add more fights every year and add more countries, more television networks in different countries. So now it makes sense."

Before the merger takes place, WEC will put on 2 more events.

By the time the merger takes place, the WEC will have put on 53 events, including one pay-per-view card in April 2010.