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21 October 2010

Jean Claude Van Damme is not happy over heart attack rumours/lies

Jean Claude Van Damme last night angrily denied claims he has had a heart attack.

Reports spreading around the US and the rest of world said the muscles from Brussels was treated for a cardiac arrest after collapsing during the filming of his new film..

But Van Damme who turned 50 on Monday, has insisted he was in perfect health which is good news for all his fans. A message from himself on his Facebook page said: “Hours ago, I read a rumour online about me suffering heart attack!!

“Please, do not believe all what you read. Jean-Claude is 100% healthy.”

And on his website, he said: “JCVD did not suffer from a heart attack on the set of Weapon.”

Apparently filming was delayed with producers only stating “complications” as the reason.

But some US news organisations were last night adamant the star had been treated for a heart attack by paramedics and was later admitted to hospital in New Orleans.