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30 October 2010

Fartlek training for MMA 'Speed Play'

A typical routine updated:

You will need to plan your fartlek routine around what you are training for. Fartlek training can have enormous benfits.
It can be a great speed tool in your arsenal and it does wonders for your fitness bank.
A typical routine consists of changes of pace, running, jogging and walking for set time periods and a training partner who can keep up with you enough to yell out what you need to do next as you might not be able to remember it all at first.

Fartlek means speed play in Swedish, this is how to play;
 1     5 minutes jogging to warm up
 2     2 minutes 80 per cent full pace running
 3     2 minutes at a normal pace running
 4     30 seconds at 100 percent pace
 5     30 seconds slow jog
 6     2 minutes at 80 percent pace
 7     1 minute at 100 percent pace
 8     2 minutes of jogging
 9     1 minute walking
10    2 minutes at normal pace
11    2 minutes 80 percent
12    30 seconds at 100 percent pace
13    30 seconds slow jog
14    2 minutes at 80 percent
15    1 minute normal pace
16    1 minute at 100 percent pace
17    5 minutes of jogging to cool down

A good way to begin Fartlek training is to incorporate it in to your normal routine as a seperate session every 4 to 5 weeks. 

Always stretch and cool down properly after a every Farlek session. Do not cut corners! 

Advanced only / Next level 

Rest for a short period (depending on your level of fitness) and sip some fluids, then get started on the bag, pads, speedball etc whatever suits

3 x sets of 25 reps of each punch
3 x sets of 25 reps each kick
3 x sets each elbow strike etc and so on.....

This type of training will tax you to your limits but will over time have a massive overall effect on your fitness. It will however require a good level of fitness and should be incorporated once you are fully familiar with the Fartlek training system. 

And remember, all good things come to those that wait!

Train Hard, Fight Easy.