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10 October 2010

Cagewarriors challenge team Grecicho to rematch!

Following Cage Warriors bout between Jason Young and Sergej Grecicho 01/10/2010; CWFC management team received an official complaint from Team Grecicho. The Lithuanian Sambo star and his team stated that Jason Young had engaged in an “illegal action” by taking on Vaseline or “some other oil” before and during his fight.

Due to the severity of this allegation the CWFC team undertook an extensive investigation which saw them speak to all the concerned parties, as well as officials and other eyewitnesses who were Cageside during that bout. The CWFC team also researched and examined similar incidents that have occurred in Commission controlled areas in the United States in order to find an existing precedent. Whilst the CWFC also requested and received footage of the entire fight from their production team to make their final decision.
After several days of painstaking research and meetings, the CWFC have decided to let the initial result stand. This is not a decision that the CWFC team have made lightly, as there was a number of discrepancies that occurred during the fight, which was made apparent once the available footage was reviewed.

For example; the film showed a member of Jason Young's corner team rubbing his hands over the shoulders and back of Young, after initially applying Vaseline to the face of Young before the fight. Although Young was checked and allowed to walk into the Cage by a CWFC official, it could be argued the Vaseline had already seeped into Young's skin during the first round, which led to Grecicho's gesturing to the Referee that Young was slippery.

The film then showed that the same cornerman touching the torso of Young in-between the first and second round after applying Vaseline to the face of Young. Whilst in-between the second and third stanza, that same cornerman was twice warned by the Referee for yet again touching the torso of Young after having applied Vaseline to his face.

Jason Young's cornerman was warned for applying Vaseline and Grecicho's complained during and after the fight. The CWFC team could not find an incident in a Commission backed US State where a fight result was overturned because of allegations or actions of this nature. Even the most high profile incident of this nature (which occurred during the Georges St Pierre / BJ Penn II fight in January of last year) ultimately resulted in the original result standing, despite an exhaustive legal review.

A rematch invite has been sent to team Grecicho.